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New Products For February

Leo Smetsers Concierge Limited Edition - Trick

A bell and routines that captivate! Bra...

Insight Blank Face Cards (Set of 5) by Hugo Shelley - Trick

These are extra refill cards for Insigh...

Insight Double Blank Cards (Set of 5) by Hugo Shelley - Trick

These are extra refill cards for ESP In...

The Time Traveller (Limited 500) by Kieron Johnson - Book

A tremendous book from one of magic's g...

Airborne Pro & Glass by G Sparks - Trick

"Clearly the worlds' quietest airborne....

At The Table Live Gary Jones - DVD

A professional magician for over 25 yea...

At The Table Live Steve Dela - DVD

He's one of the most decorated magic pe...

At The Table Live Steve Rowe - DVD

Steve Rowe has literally exploded onto ...

At The Table Live Jamie Daws - DVD

Famously known for his other worldly ef...


Featured Products

Bicycle Asura Red Deck by Gambler's Warehouse

Inspired by Asura the Demigod from Chin...

The Code by Andy Nyman

The Code is more than a method. It's a ...

White Lions Series B Red

Our entire run of White Lions Series A ...

White Lions Series B Blue

"Our entire run of White Lions Series A...

Cased by PE Illusions

Just a very few magicians took a crunch...

Side Show by Joshua Jay - Trick

Question: Is it possible for a playing ...

Floating Bill (With Gimmick) by Jon Jensen - Trick

One of the Most Devastating Tricks you ...

Pip Art by Dan Harlan - Trick

Effect A spectator's chosen card is los...


Monthly Specials For February

Bubble Zombie (Props and DVD) by Losander - DVD

Losander is recognized throughout the w...

RM590.00 RM480.00Save: 19% off
Virtuoso Playing Cards Spring/ Summer 2016

Designed for Cardistry. Dedicated to Ca...

RM80.00 RM68.00Save: 15% off
LTD Red Playing Cards

A dignified and minimalist design imbue...

RM160.00 RM126.00Save: 21% off
A Single Needle by Wayne Houchin

From the age of 12 Wayne has been obses...

RM120.00 RM99.00Save: 18% off
Treasures Set Vol 1-3 by Alexander DeCova - DVD

Multiple award-winner, Alexander De Cov...

RM315.00 RM192.00Save: 39% off
Dancing Cane Aluminum by Tango - Trick (A0022)

Effect The Cane magically dances in the...

RM197.00 RM160.00Save: 19% off
Cobra Tie in Basket (Snake Basket) by Premium Magic - Trick

The magician borrows a tie from a membe...

RM177.00 RM139.00Save: 21% off
Mentalist Symbol Pack (Deck and Video) by Anton James

MSP is a new tool for the world of ment...

RM118.00 RM95.00Save: 19% off
Virtuoso Fall/Winter 2017 Deck

Superb Deck for Cardistry! The new Virt...

RM71.00 RM65.00Save: 8% off

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