The Magic Street opened for business since 2007, it is Malaysia's the 1st and the largest online magic store. Unlike other magic shops, The Magic Street is the only Malaysia authorized magic retailer which selling original products.

We proudly offer over 13,000 different magic products including Downloads, Books, Tricks, and DVDs. These products range from beginner to expert level and cross a wide range of genres including beginner, classical, parlor, close-up, juggling, mentalism, busking, street and even limited stage and illusion offerings.

Join us if you are interested in magic and want to be kept informed, save money, and get the latest tricks before any of your magic friends.


Featured Products

Appearing 8 foot Straw by Sorcery Manufacturing - Trick

Effect The Magician brings out a huge s...

Cobra Tie in Basket (Snake Basket) by Premium Magic - Trick

The magician borrows a tie from a membe...

RM180.00 RM143.65Save: 20% off
Compress by SansMinds Creative Lab - DVD

Compress is an impromptu illusion with ...

Hot Rod by Vincenzo Di Fatta - Tricks

Effect Performer shows a rod with six d...

Dragon Fanning Deck Royal

FUN Inc. is proud to offer this unique ...

Peekaboo by Ronjo - Trick

Have them rolling in the aisles! Effect...

Travel (DVD and Gimmick) by Jordan Victoria and SansMinds

From the mind of Jordan Victoria all th...

X Change (DVD and Gimmick) by Julio Montoro and SansMinds

Are you ready to amaze? If you have the...

Extract (DVD and Gimmick) by Jason Yu and SansMinds - DVD

Putting a 3-dimensional object into som...


New Products For September

Weekend by Kelvin Trinh - DVD

In this DVD, you will learn 8 card tric...

The Informer Pen (Refill) by Lloyd Mobley - Trick

Refill marker pen with gimmick for The ...

Escapist Coin (DVD and Gimmicks) by Meir Yedid - DVD

Two strong coin routines for casual sit...

Casual Playing Cards by Paul Robaia

This geometrical design is something th...

Zodiac Prediction (Blue) by Liam Montier - Trick

An incredible, three phase routine that...

Summer NOC playing Cards (Blue) by The Blue Crown

Since 2012, simplicity and elegance hav...

Summer NOC Playing Cards (Orange) by The Blue Crown

Since 2012, simplicity and elegance hav...

Zodiac Prediction (Red) by Liam Montier - Trick

An incredible, three phase routine that...

BLUFF by Mickael Chatelain - Trick

A card disappears from within the fold ...


Monthly Specials For September

Madison Gamblers DVD/ Deck Bundle

When Brad originally saw Daniel perform...

RM336.00 RM234.00Save: 30% off
Artifice Black Playing Cards

The Artifice Black Club is the first de...

RM168.00 RM84.00Save: 50% off
Shadow Thief (Blue) by Vanishing, Inc. - Trick

Change the shadow of one card into anot...

RM80.00 RM49.00Save: 39% off
RM160.00 RM105.00Save: 34% off
RM236.00 RM161.70Save: 31% off
Mental Photo Deck by Royal Magic - Trick

A deck of cards is shown blank on both ...

RM34.00 RM22.00Save: 35% off
Keeper Red Playing Cards

The most affordable & best-feeling ...

RM38.00 RM30.00Save: 21% off
Flash Gun Electronic

Flash Gun (Electronic) The performer en...

RM160.00 RM96.00Save: 40% off
RM32.00 RM22.00Save: 31% off

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